13 Simple Steps to fabricate a chicken!


Chicken breast bone


Cut along center of Breast Bone.

Chicken cut along breastbone


Here you can view the cut made.

Chicken breast exposed


Using the knife, I prefer a scimitar but a filet knife would work well to, cut along one side of the breast bone to the base of the chicken.

Seperate chicken skin between breast and leg quarter


Seperate skin that is attached to breast from leg quarter.

Seperate wing joint from chicken


With your thumb under the wing joint press upward and out to seperate joint.

Cut between wing joint on chicken


With knife cut between joint to remove and cut any skin not seperated from carcase yet.

Chicken breast and wing


Here is a picture of what removed breast and wing looks like.

Remove Chicken wing from chicken breast


Cut around wing joint to remove wing.

Chicken tender


A small thin piece of meat located on underside of breast that can be removed by pulling it is the tenderloin, good for chicken tenders :). Repeat steps 3-9 for other side of breast.

Cut around leg quarter


Cut around leg quarter going up high towards backbone then circleing down toward other side.

Cut leg quarter into joing


Halfway through you will hit the joint.

Snap chicken leg quarter from joint


Using thumb push up and out to snap apart joint.

Cut through chicken leg quarter joint and remove


Finish cut through joint to remove leq quarter. Repeat steps 10-13 for other leg quarter.