Pescetarian Diet

January 3 2006

Ok its go time! started out the morning by eating something that 17 years ago I put on my list of un-edible foods, oatmeal. :) So I thought I'd give it a try and for the most part not so bad, adding a little splenda helped. So my starting weight is 230.6 my bp this morning was 121/62/56 not bad. Topped it off with 3 glasses of orange juice. I did a 25 minute workout of swimming, boy am I out of shape. For Lunch I had a vegie burger & a bowl of vegie soup. Snack, another veggie burger... these things aren't half bad. Ok for dinner I went a little crazy 3 beers and 2 bowls of soup

January 4 2006

Alright another bowl of oatmeal, I guess this stuff can grow on you. One glass of oj. Weight 231 bp 119/81/67 Lunch Luby's fried fish twice baked potatoe mac and cheese, a roll, and spinach salad.

January 5 2006

Ok had a successfull day yesterday and my weight this morning was 230.5 and bp was 108/72/70 great!! I did some research yesterday and found a great site for information on soy products its Anyone looking for some additional vegetarian recipes not found on my site will find this a great recource. Today I am planning on doing some reasearch on the essential amino acids and what foods to find them in. I will post what I find here.

January 6 2006

Not much new still no meat, other than fish of course, I had fish sticks last night... my weight was 228.6 and my bp was 97/68/65 I think I might consider talking to my docter to see if I should stop my bp medicin... This diet, even though I am eating whenever I'm hungery so far seems to be doing me a lot of good... Of course we'll see if that stays consistant

January 10 2006

So today is the 10th I think that makes it officially 1 whole week I have successfully eaten a pescatarian diet... My blood pressure has remained low and my weight has fluctuated between 228 and 230... I've experimented with making my own recipe using tofu and soy flour and various other ingredients to make my own version of vegetarian "ground meat" something that can be used universaly in things such as veggie burgers, veggie chilli, spaghetti with veggie balls :) anyway you get the picture... I had found several recipes but the each called for a brand name product which some people may not be able to get, in my case not willing to pay the high cost for the name. Hopefully by the end of this week I will have perfected it and I will list it here.

January 20 2006

Its been a total of 17 days now and I have remained faithfull to my new diet! I stopped loosing any weight but my blood pressure withouth the medicin is still really note... I've discovered that there are a lot of options in grocery stores for people who choose to eat this way... It's also a lot cheaper to eat without buying meat. I've made a version of a veggie type burger that I like and plan on making just a few minor adjustments... So by the end of next week I'll get that posted here.

February 13 2006

Ok so I've taken a bit of a break from pescatarian but I'll be back :)